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How Our Services Improved Outcomes for Other Companies

Find Out How Our Services Have Helped Other Businesses Succeed

Discover how our services have improved outcomes for other companies by reading our case studies. These success stories showcase the tangible results and benefits of our solutions, as well as the implementation process. Learn from the experiences of other companies and see how our services can benefit your business.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Revolutionizes Faculty Management

Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) was having trouble managing clinical commitments and faculty data, leading to inefficiencies. Ksense developed a comprehensive web application using Knack and Vue.js to provide solutions for faculty management, scheduling, and reporting. The app includes custom reports, a calculator for “what if” scenarios, bulk import/export functionality, and a user management system. The app has significantly improved clinical hour management and increased satisfaction among faculty, saved the hospital money, and improved efficiency and productivity. Ksense continues to support and update the app.

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Streamlining Asset Management with the Dataknox Portal

Ksense helped Dataknox, a company specializing in computer networking products, develop a comprehensive and user-friendly asset management portal using Next.js, TypeScript, and MongoDB. The portal allows clients to transparently manage and track assets, jobs, and documents, improving efficiency, productivity, and decision-making. The implementation has resulted in increased satisfaction and success for Dataknox and their clients.

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