High quality UI/UX design is vitally important for any modern web application

Improves Customer Acquisition and Retention

Most modern users judge an app on its aesthetics first. A sleek look and feel give’s your app a significant competitive advantage by building trust and providing an appealing & satisfying user experience.

Increases Application Productivity

Custom design isn’t just for looks, it makes your app much faster & easier to use. Ksense designs the UI around your application’s workflow making routine tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

Motivates User Enguagement

Our design strategy drives user engagement by eliminating confusion and motivating users to take your desired actions. This makes it easier for people to use the app as intended.


Looks are important, but professional UX/UI design goes much further than basic styling. Our design team has the ability to change the way your users interact with your application, making navigation more intuitive and unlocking the functionality people have come to expect from a professional web application. As a full-stack agency, Ksense can handle everything from design, mockups, and implementation. We specialize in building state-of-the-art applications that are also beautiful and easy to use.



Schedule Your Planning Session

Our team will meet with you, discuss your design needs, and provide professional recommendations.


Recieve Your Figma Mockups

Our expert design team will design and create high-fidelity mockups using Figma based on your project goals.


We Create Your Custom Design

Once the mockups are approved, our development team will begin coding the design using CSS, and Javascript.

Custom Design Case Study: Dataknox.io

Custom Design Case Study

Advanced User Interface and Design

Improve style and workflow with custom-designed tables and views. Using the power of JavaScript and CSS our experts can add beautiful functionality to tables such as easy in-line editing, advanced filtering, and pagination. Other advanced features, such as site-wide search and batch operations, can let you leverage your data in new and powerful ways.

Custom Sidebar Menu

Custom Sidebar Menu

Side menus are modern, clean, and sexy. This is what most websites are doing nowadays, and users love it. This menu is static it doesn’t reload from page to page. The plugin is built on top of knacks. That means that it will work for any user role only showing the menu items they are supposed to see. It also means that you don’t need to contact me when you want a new menu item, you just need to create it in Knack and “whala” it’s put into the menu. 

Increased Productivity and Customer Retention

Application design can make your business more effective. Professional UX/UI design will transform the user’s experience and optimize workflow by making common tasks like page navigation and data entry more intuitive. Furthermore, a well-designed app can improve user engagement and increase time on site. Studies show that the look and feel of a web application are just as important as functionality for customer retention.


U.S. Based Development

When working with Ksense, you won’t Have to worry about miscommunication or foreign time zones. Our US-based development team is ready to get your project done right the first time.

Superior Development Process

We use agile software development methodology combined with state-of-the-art project management software that gives you full visibility and control of your development tasks.

Excellent Communication

Ksense utilizes Calendly for on-demand meeting scheduling. Our clients also have 24/7 access to our project management system including instant messaging capabilities, task creation, and more.