Full Application Build-out

Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager or CRM allows a business to manage their interactions with their clients. 

This CRM allows an agency to add clients and attach tasks, contracts, contact archives and client details. 

Time Sheets

This time sheet allows a business to manage their employees hours.
Employees can clock-in and out and see their estimated paychecks.
Admins can see the hours of each employee, edit them, and mark them paid. It also has alert functionalities that marks anything out of the ordinary

Knack Application Examples

Pearson Evidence Database

A custom solution to managing over 3,000 evidence records, complete with a custom search

Custom Quiz Software

This custom quiz software allows tele-health experts to send curated questionnaires to their patients. 

Advanced Applications

Make medical facility staffing easy by bringing everything online. Facilities can request staff, and staff receive SMS notifications of new shift openings.

Property Certification Application

This application is made for managing all the properties and certifications.

Proposal Management Application

This project is made for managing proposals. You can manage accounts and projects.

Redcap Cloud Staff Manager

This project is made for managing the staff employees.