Custom knack add-ons


Select Add-Ons to Install

The code for our Knack add-ons has already been written! Select the features you want from our extensive add-on library.


We Will Install The Add-Ons

Installing Knack addons is fast. Once it’s done, your app will have advanced functionality made possible by custom code. 


We Can Build Custom Add-Ons

With Javascript anything is possible. Our developers can build custom add-ons from scratch that will work perfectly for your project needs.

Add-ons Benefits and Features

With over 100,000 lines of code written per year, Ksense has developed an impressive library of Knack add-ons. This extensive code base, along with our 8+ years of Knack experience allows us to provide advanced Knack features to our clients in less time than other Knack developers. 

  • Quick Installation
  • Advanced Kncak Features
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Extensive add-ons library
  • Improved Workflow
  • Faster Load Times
  • Superior Knack Experience

Custom Built Add-ons

Knack can’t do it? We can! With JavaScript anything is possible. We write code into extend the functionality of your application. Just let us know what you need built and we will make it a reality.

Free Access to a Library of 100+ Add-ons

Our team has built hundreds of add-ons. We leverage the code we have written in the past and offer all our add-ons to our clients for no development costs. You only pay for the cost of installation.

Development Environment

With our propriatary Knack framework, we are able to work on your Knack application add-ons without disturbing your users. With a development enviroment we can test the new features before they become production ready.


Fast, Clean, and comprehensive code at a fair price

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