Our development process

Our Development Process Is Our “Secret Sauce”

Our project workflow is designed to give you complete visibility and control over the development process. Our project management software will allow you to add or change tasks and watch as they are completed, all in real-time!


Task Creation


Time Tracking

Custom Statuses


Project Visibility


Task Priorities


Document Management

Real-Time Updates

Project Flexibility


Ksense can help with project planning

Schedule a free Zoom meeting where one of our developers will get to know your project and give you a better idea of exactly how Ksense can help your business. We can tell you what technologies you might need to complete your project and provide our best recommendations for how to proceed. 

Live Project Management With Click Up!

Once you give us the green light, we will invite you to your own project development space where you can watch as our experienced developers begin working on your project tasks. Our development process gives you complete visibility and control of the project from start to finish, by allowing you to add, edit, or comment on tasks at any time.

Live Task Editing & Document Upload

Your Entire Project In One Place

We are a small team of developers specializing in a variety of online solutions.

At Ksense, we are a small team of developers based in the United States. Each member of our team is specialized in a specific development vertical, allowing is deliver extreme quality for our clients. Because of our small size, we only take on a few projects at any one time, giving our clients a highly personalized experience.   

How we can help with your next project? Let’s talk.