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Web applications provide unparalleled customization for businesses and organizations. As a full-stack development agency, Ksense has everything you need to bring reliable and scalable software to market.

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featured application types

Customer Resource Management (CRM)

There is no substitute for custom CRM software that is designed from the ground up to work for your business. Generic CRM software is great for some organizations, but when using a 3rd party platform leads to disorganization, lost sales opportunities, or workflow issues, then it may be time to consider a custom-coded solution.

Chrome Extentions

Chrome extensions can be a powerful way to bring value to users. That’s why Ksense has developed a state-of-the-art framework that allows us to build highly complex Chrome extensions. Our Chrome extensions can deliver application-level functionality and a fraction of the price.

Web Scrapers

Data is readily available to those who know how to obtain it. With our extensive experience in data harvesting and API construction, you can leverage data into lucrative business opportunities. If the data exists, we can gather, clean, and deliver it to you via your very own API.


Learn how custom software can transform your organization

custom CRM software

crm features

Ksense apps include secure user authentication for all users, including custom user roles and permissions, user management for administrators, and password reset functionality. Invite new users to the platform with temporary login credentials, and they will be prompted to change their password on login.  

Navigate and view jobs easily with the calendar. The calendar displays the job title, address, and status of the job. Clicking on a job will open details about the job. You can move jobs around on the schedule by clicking and dragging, it’s that easy. You can also search for jobs with the search box.

Every business is unique, which means you need unique ways to track opportunities, leads, and clients. Custom CRM software gives your business the ability to customize your sales workflow so it integrates seamlessly with operations.  

Benefits of a custom-coded CRM


The software is designed from the ground up for your business, so you won’t need to jerry-rig anything. It will just work.


There is no such thing as inflexible with custom-coded software. If your business changes, the software can change with you. 


Custom-coded CRM software allows your business to achieve higher levels of productivity and higher profits.


Monthly CRM fees can add up fast, especially if the service charges per user. Custom CRM software allows you to make a one-time investment that will save you time and money in the long run. 


Owning your CRM software means superior reports and insights, including custom reports and real-time visibility into your performance.


Because the software is custom-coded, we can integrate it with existing services including productivity software like Google Calendar, email & SMS solutions, payment processing, and just about anything else. 


Add custom modules for different departments and control access to reports, data, and features based on user role. With a custom-coded solution, the sky’s the limit. 

chrome extentions

web scrapers